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Welcome to 400Bankers.Com!  Commercial Real Estate loans - Business Loans - Worldwide lending  

About 400Bankers.com

400Bankers.com is a network of commercial bankers with access to over four hundred lenders and private investors. Bankers from our network can arrange financing from $100,000+ (No Limit). Costs of getting a loan through 400Bankers.com is much lower than going with a traditional broker or directly through a lender. 400Bankers.com does all the negotiations for you so you pay less!

Some of 400Bankers.com partners include Hard Money Lenders, MAC Apartment Lender, RESIC GROUP, JV INVESTOR GROUP, BJD Funding Source, Carteret Mortgage, OPEX Funding Inc, etc.

Commercial Loan

 Loan Size
 $100,000 - $500,000,000+
 Loan to Value
 85 LTV / 95 CLTV
 Interest Rate & Term
 2-15yr Fixed / 30yr Term
 Low Closing Cost
 0% to 1% origination fee 
 Pre-Payment provision
 Decreasing Term
 Closing Time
 30-45 Days


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