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Buyer's Manual: Low to No Money Down
"Creative Financing For Any Property"

If there's a possible way to structure a deal with no's in this guide!

Now includes easy way to riches! How to purchase properties with NO DOC, NO CREDIT CHECK, NO MONEY and NO LIABILITY! Getting a property just got easier because now you can even get money to cover closing costs and fees. This is just one of many no money down options.


  • How to use a certain type of top rated bonds to buy with NO MONEY DOWN and also get cash back!
  • How to buy any property that requires 25%+ downpayment with less than 10% cash.
  • How to raise $30,000+ cash within 2 weeks!
  • How to structure 100% financing for business and commercial real estate purchases.
  • How to get sellers to say "YES!" to financing part or all of the purchase for their benefit and yours.
  • How to use equity in the property for down payment.
  • How to structure 100% financing regardless of credit situation.
  • How to buy REO and discount properties with 100% LTV loan and quickly flip for profit!
  • How to use "other people's money" to buy real estate.
  • How to turn $10,000 into millions using joint venture.
  • How to get credit lines up to $100,000+ with just good credit score (USA).
  • How to use credit card sales from the business to get down payment.
  • How to build personal and business credit history quickly!
  • How to make money with Short Sales
  • We'll give you lenders and sources where to get funding for your deals
  • This guide is packed with information and contacts!

Only a limited amount of copies available for sale!

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*After purchase you will receive the ebook(electronic book) via e-mail within 24 hours or after funds have cleared.
*There is no refund offered on this software ebook.

commercial loans

Ultimate Credit Line

If you're looking for down payment money or quick cash for any purpose.

Unsecured credit lines from $5,000 to $100,000+

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Advanced Equity

Purchase properties with no money down using equity in the property. Good for properties selling below market value or properties with flexible sellers who are willing to finance.
Learn how to structure 100% financing on your deals using various systems.
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List of 150 Private Money Investors

Commercial & Residential Properties

Purchase, Refinance, Cash out, Rehab & Construction loans

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List of 400+ Lenders, Banks, Private Investors, Equity Partners, Joint Ventures

Commercial & Residential Properties

Purchase, Refinance, Cash out, Rehab & Construction loans

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