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$1 Million Dollar Unsecured Loan - Business Loan

Business Credit line for any use

Term Loan available in USA & International $100,000 - $1 Million Credit Limit

It's getting harder for business owners to qualify for credit lines especially for those with credit scores below 680. That's why an approved USA financial company in our database has agreed to give our clients credit line of $1 Million through the use of a private placement program. Usually the program is used to finance various large projects that need extra security. This company has been in our database since 2006. We asked them if they would act as the investor and provide credit lines to our clients if we got enough people to pay for the collateral leasing fee. They structured a package for us which will finance 200 borrowers.

Update: Application fee paid at closing and not upfront. There are no upfront fees!

  • This is a term loan and you pick the loan term
  • Credit Line $1 Million (Apply for credit line from $100,000 - $1 Million)
  • Interest Only (paid monthly)
  • Loan Term 3 to 10 years (Balloon payment due at end of term)
  • USA Terms:
    6.25% APR 3 yr | 6.5% APR 5 yr | 6.75% APR 7 yr | 8.5% APR 10 yr
    International Terms:
    5.75% APR 3 yr | 6% APR 5 yr | 6.5% APR 7 yr | 7% APR 10 yr
  • Application fee $3,000 (Paid at loan closing out of pocket)
  • Origination fee 4% paid at closing out of loan (After fees total cash to borrower $960,000 - check to USA applicants and bank wire International)
  • Program financing takes 60-90 days
  • Max Credit Line $1 Million per person

APR: Annual Percentage Rate

-Business at least 4 months old
-Stated income
-No financial statements
-No tax returns
-No Collateral or equity
-No W2's
-No Minimum Credit Score
-No late payments in the last 12 months
-Personal Guarantee is Required even if borrowing in business name

  • Applicant signs agreements with the financial company
  • Financial company acquire large Credit Line of $600 Million secured against security instrument (CDs, bonds, SBLC) This process takes about 60 days.
  • They pay 1% lease fee (0.10% upfront) to security provider
  • From the Credit Line $200 Million is used to finace our applicants
  • At loan closing applicants will have to pay $3000 Application fee out of their own pocket. The 4% origination fee will be financed into the loan.

Deadline: Few extra spots available for anyone requesting $100,000 to $1 Million.
Our referral fee is $100 and payable via paypal when you register.

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