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100% CLTV Commercial Loan

100% CLTV Commercial Loan

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100% with Seller Financing
100% Finance Guide

100% CLTV Commercial Loan

This program is for purchase of commercial real estate properties. Properties with strong cash flow can qualify for 100% financing with equity financing. First loan is up to 80% via full doc, Low doc, or hard money loan. The Equity lender provides 20%-50% for down payment in exchange for 20%-50% ownership or member interest in LLC. Equity investor becomes partner.
100% CLTV LOAN with equity finance
100% construction financing

Loan Criteria 100% CLTV Program guidelines
Loan Size $500,000 to $100MM+
Lending area USA and worldwide
Type Purchase
Purchase & Construction
Loan-To-Value Max 80%
Equity Finance 20%-45% for max 100% CLTV
Property Type Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Hotel, Motel, Resort, and other commercial properties.
DCR Minimum 1.30
Credit 680+ full doc. No minimum for no doc or hard money.
Interest Rate 8% - 14%
Term 2 - 10 Years
Amortization Interest Only or up to 30 year amortization
Total Fee(s) 3% to 8%
Participation/Application Fees $20,000+ or 0.50%
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Property income should yield minimum 10% annual return on investment for the equity partner. Borrower must have at least $40,000 to cover fees relate to equity financing.

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