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The web site known as 400Bankers.com and offers information “as is” to our borrowers, mortgage brokers, and other users.

400Bankers.com is paid a database fee to find a matching lender or broker for the borrower based on the information the borrower provides in the application.

400Bankers.com is not your mortgage broker, nor your agent. In fact, you hereby specifically agree that we are not your mortgage broker or your agent. We are just a software provider and database source.

Once you use the 400Bankers.com System even once, you will be added to our mailing list. Occasionally you may receive advertising email and you will be able to "opt-out" if you no longer wish to receive such mail.

Finally, you hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold 400Bakners.com.; its officers; its directors; its employees; its agents; its related / affiliated companies and its marketing partners; harmless in connection with any claims or causes of action related to, or arising out of, fax broadcasts or any dispute between the borrower, mortgage broker and/or lender regarding application fees, commitment fees, third party reports, loan commitments and/or up-front fees of any kind.

While 400Bankers works hard to screen out advance fee scammers, bad people - despite our hard efforts to police the system - still occasionally slip through. 400Bankers.com therefore makes no warranty as to the legitimacy or honesty of any commercial lender or mortgage broker using the 400bankers.com System. Therefore, please be sure to do your own due diligence, and please be sure to carefully read any term sheets, conditional commitment letters, and/or loan broker fee agreements to determine in advance under what circumstances you are entitled to a refund of any advance fees, good faith deposits and/or third party reports.

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