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Business Loan

Business Loan

Business Loans: Purchase, Refinance, & Construction

Commercial Real Estate, Leasehold improvements, Machinery, equipment, furniture or fixtures

Owner Occupied/Operated
10% down on real estate purchase
10%-20% on business purchase
10%-30% on business start-ups
Borrower minimum credit 620
No bankruptcies

Owner Occupied/Operating Properties 50%+
Low Down Payment
10% down
Fixed and Variable Rate
No Balloon Payments or Call Provisions

Commercial Real Estate (Loan in USA)
Loans from $200,000 - $5,000,000
Purchase, Expansion, New Construction or Refinance
Up to 100% financing available
Terms up to 25 years
Fixed and Variable Rates
No Balloons
Term 25 years
Up to 100% Financing
Owner Occupied 50%+
Minimum middle credit 620
3 years of personal tax returns
3 years of business tax returns
Up to 100% construction financing

Business Acquisition (Loan in USA)
Intangible assets are often the most valuable in an acquisition – a customer list, a trademark, a patent or other goodwill.
Loans from $250,000 to $2 million
Owner Occupied 50%+
Up to 90% financing
Up to 100% financing if partner/shareholder buying
Up to 100% construction financing
No minimum collateral requirements on loans up to $1 million
Working capital and new equipment financing are available as part of the loan
Sales can be financed over 10 to 25 years (with real estate) with no balloons
In most cases, the seller will not be required to finance any of the sales price and will receive cash at closing rather than over a period of several years
3 years of personal tax returns
3 years of business tax returns

Franchise Financing (Loan in USA)
Start-up in a new location
Owner Occupied/Operated
Acquisition of an existing location
Loans from $150,000 - $3 million
Loans up to $10 Million for select hotel concepts
Up to 90% financing
Terms up to 25 years with real estate or 10 years without
No minimum collateral requirements on loans up to $500,000
No management experience required on most concepts
Customized credit and closing criteria can be crafted for select concepts
Conventional Loans Programs available for select concepts

Practice Finance (Loan in USA)
Licensed professionals including Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Optometrists, CPAs, Lawyers, Architects and Engineers.
Owner occupy at least 25% of property, remaining space preleased
Practice start-up
Practice Acquisition
Commercial Real Esate Purchase
Practice Expansion
Partner Buy-out
Program Highlights include:
250,000 to $3 Million
Up to 100% financing
No minimum collateral requirements on most loans
Terms up to 10 years without real estate and 25 years with real estate

Required 2 years experience / No Startups
construction loans owner-occupied 70%+
Qualifying income
Minimum 1.25 DCR (2 years + interest)
Rate 1% - 4% over WSJ Prime Rate
Lender fees 1%-3.5%

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